Bal Yuva


Baal-Yuva Vibhaag’s Presentations

With HMAM 2020, Baal-Yuva Vibhaag is proud to present a couple of unique offerings. As a channel to expand the reach of our annual Baal Manch program, this year we are collaborating with other HM Vibhaag’s to have our kids perform across all the genres: Sahitya, Sangeet and Natya. This brings a new challenge for our kids to tackle and we are confident that they will rock it! Kids from all around the country will be participating with us. While the virtual world poses a myriad of challenges, here at HM we are using this opportunity to engage families from beyond NE area.


How can our offerings be complete without our classic “Kahaaniyaan’s”. Do hold your breath for a Saturday morning presentation of “….”! In this program three seasoned storytellers will narrate “Panchtantra Ki Kahaaniyaan”. And hidden in this program is a surprise for kids of all ages. So, do attend, we can’t wait to see you there and to have some fun!


Baal-Yuva Vibhaag’s Mission Statement

One of the key objectives of Hindi Manch (HM) is to bring the next generation (kids/teens/youth) closer to our language and culture. In line with this objective HM’s Baal-Yuva Vibhag is focused on passing our beloved language “Hindi” to the next generation in a fun-filled way. This Vibhag nurtures a community of Baals and Yuvas with an aspiration that together, by association, they take pride in our language therefore by extension our culture. This Vibhag also mentors Yuvas and allows them to hone their leadership skills by being role models to the younger generation and contributing to broader HM organization.